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We are a dental clinic that is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care in general and cosmetic dentistry.

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Our Mission

At our practice, we firmly believe that oral health is of utmost importance and we strive to provide exceptional care to all of our patients. Our motto is that every mouth is connected to the body, and we understand the impact that oral health can have on overall health and well-being. We are committed to providing a wow experience for our patients, and patient care is always our top priority. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional care and ensuring that our patients receive the best possible treatment. We believe that by prioritizing oral health, we can help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Why are we different?

Our vision

Our vision has become a success by prioritizing our team’s well-being, which in turn enables them to provide exceptional care and inspiration to each patient. We seek individuals with raw talent and unwavering dedication who share LivHealthy Dental’s vision to provide optimal health and wellness. LivHealthy Dental is a company that ongoingly ensures that exceptional dentistry is accessible to everyone, as well as, a memorable “wow” experience.

Operational Alchemist

Mrs. Jessica

With almost a decade of expertise in dental management, I have a thorough comprehension and passion for the field. Working with a team that prioritizes each other’s welfare is a source of satisfaction for me, as our combined accomplishments exceed individual achievements.

My goal is to guarantee that every team member is assisted and prepared for success. I love working with patients and creating that lifelong relationship. My team and my patients are like family to me. I am a mother of two and a native of the Sunshine State.

I like reading, hiking, and going to the beach. Smiling is my favorite and I strive to spread joy in my everyday life.

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